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Bunions – Foot Alignment Issues

There are so many unique structures throughout the body, and feet are fantastic examples. Each foot is comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles to support your body and move you forward. As with any complicated structure, a part that comes out of line can create issues and this is exactly what happens with bunions.

Bunions Explained

If you are unfamiliar with the condition, a bunion is a bony protrusion located on the inside edge of the foot at the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). The MTPJ is the joint where your foot and big toe meet, and when the bones on either the toe or foot side of it do not line up correctly, the bony bump emerges.

It can be helpful to think of the “greater than” symbol (>) in this regard. If the top line represents your toe and the bottom line represents the metatarsal bone in your foot, then the point is what takes place on the inside edge of your foot. The big toe starts to push in towards the other toes, so the bottom part—the part at the joint—pushes out.

There is a related toe deformity known as a bunionette. Also called a “tailor’s bunion,” this is a similar condition that happens on the outside edge at the MTPJ for the small toe. Essentially, it is the same inherent problem where the two bones come out of alignment and cause a bony protrusion on the edge of the foot.

Bunion Symptoms

When we look at the symptoms that accompany bunions, the most obvious one is simply the bulging bump. Additionally, the tissue around the joint will be inflamed, sore, and reddened. You may experience a restricted movement of your big toe, along with pain that is either persistent (steady) or intermittent (comes and goes).

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

There are other conditions that might cause swelling or pain in the same area, so schedule an appointment with our office for an accurate diagnosis. You can expect a physical exam of the affected foot, including an evaluation of its range of motion. We will likely inquire about when you first noticed an issue, when and where is the pain greatest, and if anything seems to either improve or worsen the symptoms. Once we have ruled out other issues, we will create an effective treatment plan for you.

If your bunion is not terribly severe, conservative treatment methods may be an effective option for relieving your symptoms. These include:

  • Shoe inserts. Padded inserts can improve how the pressure is distributed on your foot, which can reduce symptoms and keep the bunion from worsening.
  • Medication. We may prescribe various pain relievers to help or, in some cases, use cortisone injections.
  • Ice. An icing regimen can relieve the inflammation and soreness you are experiencing.
  • Taping and padding or splinting. When we pad your foot and tape it into a normal position, it will decrease the amount of stress placed upon your bunion.
  • Change in footwear. Simply switching to comfortable shoes that have a wide toe box will give extra space to your toes and can be quite helpful.

Bunion Surgery Experts in Manalapan, NJ

We always hope to treat your foot or ankle issues using conservative methods, but surgery can become the best option for severe cases. Typically, this entails a condition that causes frequent pain or interferes with daily activity. When this is the case, there are various procedures that might be used. Surgical options include realigning the metatarsal bone, removing part of the tarsal bone, removing swollen tissue, or permanently connecting the bones of the affected joint.

Whether you need conservative care or an expert surgical procedure, A Step Up Podiatry, LLC, is your best option for successful bunion treatment. Our main goal is to take away your foot pain and allow you to go back to the activities that you love doing. Schedule an appointment with our Manalapan Township, NJ office by using our online form or give us a call today at (732) 446-7136.

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