Effective Foot and Ankle Care in Manalapan, NJ

Welcome to A Step Up Podiatry, LLC! Our Manalapan, New Jersey podiatry practice is here to provide the absolute best in foot and ankle care for you and your whole family through state-of-the-art techniques and a knowledgeable, highly-skilled staff. Founded by the award-winning Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, our practice provides effective treatment in a clean, well-maintained office while giving you the respect and personalized attention that you deserve.

Specialists at A Step Up Podiatry!

Foot Surgery

Foot and Ankle Surgery

When it comes to treating foot or ankle injuries, our first course of action is typically to use nonsurgical methods to improve the condition. Unfortunately, in some cases conservative treatment just isn’t enough and surgery then becomes the best option for alleviating pain or restoring functionality. The good news is that you will always find […]

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Woman Holding Heel

Heel and Arch Pain

There are a variety of conditions and root causes that may explain the heel and arch pain you are experiencing, but A Step Up Podiatry, LLC, is ready to help you find the pain relief you need. Below are a few of the common foot and ankle issues we often see in our patients: Plantar […]

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Toenail Trimming with Clippers

Nail and Skin Care

Given how much time your feet and toes spend covered by socks and shoes, it can be difficult to catch nail and skin care issues in them. Your best defense is to make sure you take time every day to note that everything is as it should be. When you discover anything out of the […]

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Feet Sticking Out of Bed Next to Slippers

Diabetic Foot Care

It is estimated that 24 million Americans live with diabetes. If you are familiar with this condition, it should come as no surprise that it is the leading cause of non-injury amputations for legs, feet, and toes. That may sound dire, but there is hope – proper diabetic foot care can allow you to lead […]

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Children's Foot Care

Children’s Foot Care

When you are a parent, your children become your world. You only want the best for them and do what you can to keep them from harm and pain. Our staff also wants to ensure that your children are not suffering with pain that accompanies various foot conditions. We are here to provide excellent children’s […]

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Athlete Running on Track

Sports Injuries

For some people, playing sports is a way of staying fit, having fun, and being social. For other people, participating in sports is a way of life. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, though, you need to take care of your feet to be able to participate in the sports you love. […]

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