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Have a glance at the most prevalent injuries that could hurt you most!

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Have a glance at the most prevalent injuries that could hurt you most!

Injury and pain are something that steals your lot of time. Not just steals, it robs your time that includes many financial expenses too. And all above that, it takes the joy of your life as you are constantly engaged with the pain going on in your body. But do you know, among a majority of such accidents that happen can be easily avoided if you take some precaution and a little care of them? You just need to be alert and many of the things will just get sorted out in just a few moments.

So before we discuss the most prevalent injuries that you may come across, first let us see the areas where you can encounter those injuries. So here we go-

The most common injuries that can hurt you are mainly from three areas that include-


We will have a detailed glance on each of them. So here we go-

Working area

At work, the thing that hurts most is overexertion. It is responsible for numerous lost-time injuries. Overexertion injuries include some of the most prevalent injuries related with carrying, holding, pulling, lifting, pushing and even throwing. The overexertion may also result in- Reaction injuries, slipping/tripping, falling from heights as well as falling object injuries. These are some of the best ways that can avoid workplace injuries and that are too common. You just need to be attentive and the majority of injury risk gets eliminated. Some of the best examples are- using proper personal protection gear, may be like a hard hat or working in the environment free from hazards


There is undoubtedly no question in getting injured while playing sports, especially outdoor sports. Either you get some injuries from the opponent (intentionally or unintentionally) or you may get injuries from overexertion. But have you ever thought or observed, which part of your body suffers most of the injuries? It’s the knees that are hit with most of the injuries. Thus, better to be more attentive while playing sports and save your knees including other body parts too in order to avoid any serious happenings. Even though, knee injuries can be easily treated with several orthopedic surgeries, better be careful as knee injury is a patellofemoral syndrome that can damage tissues between the knee cap and leg bone. As we say, prevention is better than cure, wearing proper shoes can help to reduce the risk of knee injury. Besides that, it is advised to run on softer surfaces, take enough rest if in case you injure your knee and other attentive precautions.


The most common injury at home is Falls. Yes, it is the most familiar place where you can imagine that you can have any kind of health risk, but still, if you don’t pay proper attention you may fall that can lead to serious injuries. Some of the best tips that you should consider are-

* Installing non-slip mats and grab bars in bathroom
Removing unwanted clutters from stairs and walkways
* Installing best grip handrails inside and outside the home
* Installing hardware mounted safety gates keeping in mind the safety of babies and toddlers
* Keeping any light on at night for little visibility and avoiding any unwanted happening
* Taking important safety measures with windows. It includes installing window guards, installing rails at the proper distance and much more.

Thus, these were some of the most prevalent injuries that seem like nothing but once they happen, it creates a lot of pain and unwanted hassle. So stay careful instead of repenting for it later.

For more information on Heal and arch pain, diabetic foot care or sports injuries contact key podiatrist Dr. Sanjay Gandhi. His keen insight into the foot injuries conditions has made him an expert in Manalapan, New Jersey.”


Sanjay Gandhi, DPM

Sanjay Gandhi, DPM

Is the type of foot doctor who believes that health care is a partnership between a patient and a specialist. He immigrated to the States with his family as a small child, and has enjoyed a bilingual, multicultural life ever since, which allows him to understand his diverse and many patients.

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